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Perkos, Groß-Scham, Klopodia & Ferendia FB Files Available On-Line

By HOG-Großscham-Perkos

Perkos FB

The HOG-Großscham-Perkos Working Group has published the final version of the Perkos Familienbuch.

The HOG-Großscham-Perkos has also taken the decision to make available PDF files of all of their work.

All the PDF files have been indexed. So for example, from the Table of Contents there are embedded links that jump to that Section of the FB. You can easily return to the Table of Contents by clicking on the header or footer of any page.

The Acrobat Search function is particularly good for finding family information. However, with such large files, searching for common names such as "Johann" will take some time... So be prepared! Also, setting the page size to 75-100%, has proven its worth. These PDFs are for 'big screen' use.

Status of the Work:
FB Perkos: Completed (as much as any FB is "finished")
FB Groß-Scham: The Family data is entered, but work is proceeding
FB Klopodia: More work to be done, but data available now
FB Ferendia: More work to be done, but data available now

We highly recommend perusing the entire website. It is very well organised and contains much more information about the whole area, the culture and traditions. As they say on their "Wir" (We) page "...Have fun browsing and do not forget, we are grateful for suggestions and contributions. Please contact us." email:

The direct link to their Genealogy downloads page is HOG-Großscham. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links to the PDF files. If you have any questions about the Genealogy page, please contact us via email:

Kleinsanktpeter & Ketfel - Kleinsiedel Now Available

By Dietmar Giel

Kleinsanktpeter & Ketfel - Kleinsiedel FB

The Working Group for the Publication of Banat Family Books (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Veröffentlichung Banater Familienbücher or AVBF) has published the well-researched family book of the Catholic parish of Kleinsanktpeter and its filial Ketfel-Kleinsiedel, in close cooperation with the HOG (Heimatortsgemeinschaft or hometown communities organization) of Kleinsanktpeter and Ketfel-Kleinsiedel. It covers the period from 1843 to 2020 and was created according to genealogical specifications.

Experienced genealogist Dietmar Giel used the Church registers of the Catholic parishes of Kleinsanktpeter and its filial parish Ketfel-Kleinsiedel, data from family books that have already been published and the Banater Post, as well as private information as the basis for the family book.

The family book comprises 700 pages and was created in A5 format with thread stitched binding and hardcover.

The price is € 45 plus shipping costs from Germany.

Shipping is handled in the order in which the orders are placed. Pre-orders are taken into account.

The book can be ordered from: in Europe - Josef Michels, Spittelbergstr. 11, 78112 Str.Georgen, phone 07724/7122 (evenings), email:

In the US & Canada - Karen Preston, email:

Family book of the Catholic parish Kleinsanktpeter in the Banat and its filial parish Ketfel-Kleinsiedel 1843-2020 by Dietmar Giel. Published by the Association for the Publication of Banat Family Books AVBF, St. Georgen, 2021.




Deutschsanktmichael im Banat

By Helga & Anton Hornung

Deutschsanktmichael FB

The AVBF is pleased to announce a new Family book for the village of Deutschsanktmichael, by Helga & Anton Hornung.

The hardcover book is 990 pages, with a thread-stitched binding and bookmark ribbon.

The price is 60€ plus shipping costs from Germany.

For environmental reasons and to avoid the unnecessary waste of resources, we have chosen to do without the additional protective plastic shrink-wrap cover for our books. Curbing the flood of plastic waste starts on a small scale, and therefore we at the AVBF want to make our contribution to this effort.

For orders to the US and Canada please contact Karen Preston; for orders to the EU please contact Josf Michels.













Volumes 5 and 6 of the Family Books for Triebswetter Now Available

By Lothar Renard

Triebswetter Cover

Volumes 5 and 6 of the Family Books for Triebswetter by Lothar Renard are now available. The new volumes are a continuation of the Familienbücher Vol. 1-2 published in 2005 and Vol. 3-4 published in 2014. 

Volumes 5 & 6 contain about 1,200 pages. Together with Volumes 1-4, the reader has an overview of all Triebswetter families from 1773-2000 and beyond.

Volumes 5 & 6 cost 90€ plus 55€ postage to the USA and Canada.

For more information and to order please contact:
Mr. Werner WOLF (

If you want to order, please transfer the total amount of 145€) to the bank account of the HOG Triebswetter:
DE63 6729 2200 0039 7279 00

The amount can also be paid via PayPal to









Johannisfeld im Banat

By Helga and Anton Hornung

The AVBF (Working Group for the Publication of Banat Family Books) with authors Helga and Anton Hornung, has again succeeded in completing a well-researched family book for the Catholic parish Johannisfeld with the filial parishes of Iwanda and Serbian Sanktmartin. The family book covers the period from 1806 to 1988.

The Church registers of the Johannisfeld parish, data from the Banater Post, private information and data from family books that have already been published served as the basis for this complete work.

The family book comprises 1,640 pages, in two volumes, A5 format, hardcover, thread stitching binding.

The print run is limited, so orders are processed in the order in which they are received. All pre-orders have been taken into account.

When the family books are created by our association, in which all members work on a voluntary basis, there is always only one thought: we do not want 8-12 generations of Banat Swabians to slip into a void in history and we also do not want our children and grandchildren to search desperately for their ancestors only to have to give up.

Family book of the Catholic parish Johannisfeld in the Banat and its filial parishes of Iwanda and Serbian Sanktmartin. 1806-1988 by Helga and Anton Hornung. Published by the Association for Publication of Banat Family Books (AVBF) St. Georgen, 2020.

The price is €80.00 plus shipping costs.

Orders for the US and Canada:
Karen Dalton Preston, email:;

All other orders to:
Josef Michels, Spittelbergstr. 11, 78112 St. Georgen, phone: 07724/7122 (evening), mail:

NB: All pre-orders have already been taken into consideration.

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Neuhof Family Book

By Josef Zippel

After four years of meticulous research, Josef Zippel in concert with the the AVBF (Association for the Publication of Banat Family Books), has successfully completed the Neuhof Family Book with its filial parishes in Altringen, Buchberg and Lichtenwald.

It covers the period from 1770 to 2018.

The Church records of the parish of Neuhof, data from the Banater Post, private information and data from family books that have already been published have all served as the basis for this well-documented work.

The family book is of the usual quality that the AVBF is known for: A5 format, hardcover, thread sewing, 524 pages (640 pages with appendices) and at a price of €45.00 plus shipping costs.

Orders for the US and Canada to Karen Dalton Preston, email:

All other orders to Josef Michels, Spittelbergstr. 11, 78112 St. Georgen, phone: 07724/7122 (evening), mail: All pre-orders have been taken into consideration.

Family book of the Catholic parish Neuhof im Banat and its branches Altringen, Buchenberg and Lichtenwald 1770-2018 by Josef Zippel. Published by the Association for the Publication of Banat Family Books AVBF, St. Georgen, 2020.

Review of the work by Nikolaus Horn

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Wiesenhaid Famlienbuch

By Richard Jäger

The following announcement comes from Richard Jäger, the author:

I am happy to inform you that the Familienbuch Wiesenhaid 1771-2016 is about to be published. The publication of the family book is the result of nearly twenty years of research work. On 800 pages you will find answers to many questions about the origins of the inhabitants, the establishment of the Wiesenhaider community from immigration in 1770, settlement in 1771 to dispersal of the residents in 1990. Primary sources were the Roman Catholic parish Church books for baptism, marriage, and burials in which the Wiesenhaider were recorded by the priests of our community.

Families have been reconstructed. The result is the names and data of nearly 2,500 families, with a total of 11,000 people included. The clear presentation makes it easy for each individual to find his own ancestors, and to create a family tree or pedigree. I have invested a great deal of passion in researching the origins of the Wiesenhaider colonists. After years of painstaking research (in the archives in Vienna, Budapest, Temeschburg, Metz) I was able to identify almost 90% of the exact places of origin and to further document these origins with the corresponding birth and marriage data from the places of origin.

The ship lists of the Wiesenhaider who emigrated to America and Canada from 1900-1930 have been incorporated into the book. I also recorded the dissolution of the Wiesenhaider community after World War II. As far as can be determined, the date of resettlement and the destination of each Wiesenhaider family is shown.

As a long-time publisher of the Wiesenhaider "Banater Extrapost" and from the announcements in the "Banater Post”, I have incorporated the death dates of the Wiesenhaider, as well as weddings and births of the younger generation.

The book is prefaced by a foreword by HOG Chairman Robert Feil, a brief overview of the history Wiesenhaid, a village plan of 1771 and 1855, as well as some photos of Wiesenhaid and some old family photos.

The price of the book is 65€, plus 18€ shipping costs to North America.

I ask you for a binding payment for the book. I ask you to pay your full order amount of 83€ to the following account details:

Account DE06 6705 0505 0033 0219 92, BIC MANSDE66XXX, Account Owner: Richard Jäger
- or -
you can also send your payment via PayPal account:
Please provide your name and complete postal address.

The number of copies printed was limited to the initial prepaid subscribers, plus a few additional copies. So, there are a very limited number of books available.


If you were opposed to the publication of your family details (name, date of birth, date of marriage, name of children, date of emigration and destination), you must have informed me by email before 1 August, 2018 so that I could have not included your family information before the book went to print. Your address, telephone number, occupation, causes of death, illnesses, disabilities etc. would not have been published. If I wa not contacted, I will regard this as your agreement to include your information.

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Ortssippenbuch Orzydorf im Banat 1785 - 2018

By Dietmar Giel

Orzydorf FB

Published by the Heimatortsgemeinschaft (HOG) Orzydorf
The work consists of a two volume set. Number of Pages: Volume 1 (Data A - L) 928 pages, Volume 2 (Data M - Z) 878 pages for a total of 1,806 pages

In the series German Ortssippenbücher Series: "Volume 02.098" and is registered at the Central Office for Personal and Family History (Institute of Genealogy) in D-61273 Wehrheim

Price is 90€ plus 39€ postage to North America.

Order from Eduard Ortmann at

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Familienbuch Bakowa

By Reinhold Lovasz

The FB Bakowa consists of a 2 volume set with 2,150 pages covering 7,150 families and the usual registers (Name register, locality register and registers of marriages).

In addition, there is a detailed time table and a very interesting history of the place and a parish history (from previously unpublished sources from the National Archives of Budapest and from the Archives of the Diocese of Temeswar).

For many settlers, the places of origin are also included and - as far as can be explored - data from the different church books from Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, the Moselle region and Lorraine.

The filials of the Catholic parish of Bakowa (including Busiasch until 1847), Cheveresul Mare, Ficatar, Dragsina, Otvesti, Racovita, Sarbova were also recorded (until about 1890) but they are not included in FB Bakowa, since they would have required at least another two volumes. The information for the filial parishes will appear at a later time, in a CD or DVD edition.

The author's preface was also translated into English, as well as the explanation on the use of the family book and the whole list of used abbreviations.

The concordance of the places is provided in three languages: ​​German, Hungarian and Romanian. The Bakowa Familienbuch also includes a table with the many Pastors (about 79) who have worked there - their life data was supplemented as far as possible by documents from the diocesan archives.

The godparents and the marriages are also given, as are most sources, and in many cases, also the profession.

Orders for the Family Book Bakowa must be placed directly with the author.

Orders by post:  
Reinhold Lovasz
Schwetzingen str. 32
68723 Plankstadt

When ordering, please indicate your full name, as well as the complete postal shipping address.

The two volume set is 105 €, plus shipping costs.

Shipping Costs:
DHL within Germany: 8 €
DHL within the EU: 18 €
DHL to the USA: 39 €

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donauschwäbischer Kolonisten
Tiel VIII T-Wa & IX We-Z

By Stefan Stader

Gross Betschkrek im Banat

A Brief Description
In the 1700's, the Austro-Hungarian Empire recruited and sponsored colonists to emigrate to Hungary to settle land that had recently been liberated from Turkish occupation. Many of the colonists came from Lorraine, Alsace & Schwaben and other areas in what is now the western part of Germany.

During these sponsored migrations, the colonists arrived in Vienna to register with the government. Happily, the Austrian bureaucrats kept detailed records of these early settlers. The records include lists of the settlers, including when they arrived in Vienna to register (the Vienna Lists), and records of reimbursements to local residents who housed some settlers until their new homes were ready (Schlafkreuzerrechnungen). These records or lists included the settler's name, and often, also the number of family members traveling with him, age, occupation, and the area or town they were from.

The Vienna Lists and other settler registration lists were organized into the "Quellen zur Deutschen Siedlungsgeschichte in Südosteuropa" [Sources of German Settlement History in Southeast Europe] by Wilhelm, Franz und Josef Kallbrunner, published in 1935. 

More recently, Stefan Stader combined this information with 208 other sources of information on the colonists, such as Heimatbücher and Familienbücher for the villages, and local histories; this is called the "Sammelwerk Donauschwäbischer Kolonisten". Regretably, Stefan Stader died in 2003 before he could complete the task of organizing all of the colonist information. Currently, there are 6 volumes, ending at Sch- surnames. Volume 7 is being completed by the AKdFF and is expected to be available by the end of 2011.

It is an excellent source for locating where in Europe one's ancestors emigrated from and when they arrived in Hungary.

The Stader information and the Vienna Lists are most helpful if you can trace your family line back to an ancestor in the mid-1700's, since that is the period when there was the greatest influx of colonists, and the period when colonists registered with the authorities in Vienna.

These books complete the work started by the late Stefan Stader. For more information on the previous volumes, please refer to this page

Volume VIII (T-Wa)
XXXIV and 675 pages

Volume IX (We-Z)
XXXIV and 815 pages

Price per volume: 43 €
(AkDFF members receive a discount)

Book orders can be emailed to the AKdFF in Germany. Once your order is received, they will email back with an invoice number and the additional shipping costs. All Book orders must be pre-paid. Please reference the invoice number with your payment.

Shipment from Germany for one/two books: 16 €/37 € to the USA, 16 €/38 € to Canada, 5 €/6 € in Germany and 14 €/16 € for the rest of Europe

Postal Address:
AKdFF e. V., Goldmuehlestr. 30, 71065 Sindelfingen, Germany

Office of Arbeitskreis donauschwaebischer Familienforscher eV (AKdFF) Goldmuehlestr. 30, 71065 Sindelfingen, Germany
Office hours: Thursday and Friday 10 am - 4 pm

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Tschawosch im Banat

By Philippe Willer

Gross Betschkrek im Banat

The Family Book for the city of Tschawosch im Banat, including the filial parishes of Fodorhausen, Gad, Gier, Rudna, Schurian and Toager is now available.

The work is presented in hard cover A5 format with 964 pages, including the years 1806-1973.


There is a CD of the book here.


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Gross Betschkerek im Banat

By Marco Leitl & Rudolph Müller

Gross Betschkrek im Banat

The Family Book for the city of Gross Betschkerek im Banat is now available.

The work is presented as a 2 volume set, with a total of 2,550 pages in DIN A-4 format, which includes over19,000 families. The books document the period between 1753 and 1945.

Gross Betschkerek had an abundance of Donauschwäbian people, including administrative officials of the monarchy. Families from the surrounding villages of Elemer, Etschka, Setschan, Stephansfeld, St. Georgen, Ernsthausen, Rudolfsgnad, Kathreinfeld, Lazarfeld, Klek, Pardan and many more families settled in Gross Betschkerek. Also, the settlement of families from Lorraine, especially in 1785 and 1786, provided enormous growth for the German community.

The family books also include death record information from the city hospitals where individuals who were not residents of Gross Betschkerek came to receive care.

The price is 115.00 €, plus packing and shipping costs.

Ordering & More Information:
Orders can be placed by contacting the author Marco Leitl.

Marco Leitl
Perhamerstr. 64
80687 München

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Triebswetter Homeland (Translated)

By Dr. Anton Peter Petri & Dr. Josef Wolf
Translated by Henry A. Fischer


Triebswetter, A Village in the Banat is an English translation of the 1983 original work.

The book was originally published in Germany in 1983 by The Association of Former Residents of Triebswetter. It covers the history of Triebswetter from the time of its founding in 1772 up through the Baragan deportation in the 1950s. It has many tables, name lists of people, the original colonists and where they came from, 115 pictures and two maps in the back.

When writing this book the authors had access to the parish history book, the Historia parochiae, and other parish archived material so it is more detailed than many of the homeland books. Since Triebswetter was primarily settled by French colonists, the situation of the French in the Banat is covered quite well, and it includes the “French Movement” that took place during and after World War II. This book should be of particular interest to those who are descendents of Triebswetter, as well as those who are interested in the history of any of the Banat villages, particularly the French villages in the Banat.

The book is hard cover edition, printed on high quality paper, 486 pages. Printed and bound in Portland, Oregon USA.

The cost is $65 USD, plus shipping. The cost, including shipping is: $70 within the USA, $100 to Canada and $115 to Europe (all figures are in US dollars). Please pay in USD by check, money order, or PayPal. If using PayPal, add three dollars to cover the processing fee. PayPal email address is: All orders must be pre-paid.

All inquiries should be sent directly to Ray Borschowa.

To place your order, send payment to:
Ray Borschowa
1205 Academy St.
Mt Angel, Oregon 97362

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Familienbuch Moritzfeld im Banat, 1786-1990

By Anton Neff


The Family Book of Moritzfeld in Banat by Anton Neff has been announced and is expected for delivery in July, 2016.

2-volume set, hardcover

Price is 70 € for the set, plus shipping.

For orders in North America, please contact:
Karen Dalton Preston:

For orders in the EU, contact:
Address: AVBF, Josef Michels, Spittelbergstraße 11, 78112 St. Georgen., Tel. 07724-7122, email: Josef

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Familienbuch Gottlob im Banat, 1773-1990

By Nikolas Horn


The Family Book of Gottlob in Banat by Nikolas Horn

3-volume set, hardcover, 2,108 pages

Price is 90 € for the set.
Shipping to North America is 36.50 €.

For orders in North America, please contact:
Karen Dalton Preston:

For orders in the EU, contact:
Address: AVBF, Josef Michels, Spittelbergstraße 11, 78112 St. Georgen., Tel. 07724-7122, email: Josef

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Familienbuch Bethausen im Banat, 1883-1990

By Josef Michels


Family Book Bethausen im Banat, 1883-1990
By Josef Michels

Also included are the filial parishes of: Balinz, Bara, Bodo, Cladova, Dobresti, Iersnic, Manastiur, Nevrincea, Ohaba Lunga, Remetea Lunga and Zipar

Published by the Association for Publication of Banat family books (AVBF), St. Georgen, 2015

There are 339 pages, A5 format, hardcover, including a local and detail map, with thread-stitched binding.

Price: 30 € plus shipping.

For orders in North America, please contact:
Karen Dalton Preston:

For orders in Europe, please contact:
Josef Michels:

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Volumes 3 and 4 of the Family Books for Triebswetter

By Lothar Renard

The new volumes are a continuation of the Familienbücher Vol. 1 and 2, published in 2005. The new books contain about 1,600 pages. The reader will now have an overview of his family from 1773-1900.

As a supplement, also included is a free DVD with a digitized edition of Vol. 1 and 2 of the Triebswetter Familienbuch, extended with about 120 pages, as well as the entire Kirchenmatrikeln (Triebswetter Church books) in digital form from 1773 to 1900.

The printing of family books costs several thousand Euros, and rely on advance payment of the pre-ordered books since family book authors are not able to do this from their own resources.

Orders are now being accepted, and the author would therefore be grateful if you would pre-pay the amount of:

85 € for shipment to EU addresses;
105 € to addresses in the U.S. and Canada
The price includes shipping and fees (for both)

Either via PayPal to:
or by cash by registered mail to:

Lothar Renard
Gruener Weg 8
53498 Bad Breisig

For orders from Europe, the author will contact the purchaser privately to provide bank information.

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Familienbuch Modosch Im Banat
und ihrer Filialen Csavos, Fenj, Gad, Schurjan, Todjer, Oredj und Kaptalan

By Johann Porte & Justine Masching

Vorarbeit für ein Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde

MODOSCH IM BANAT und ihrer Filialen Csavos, Fenj, Gad, Schurjan, Todjer, Oredj und Kaptalan

von Johann Porte und Justine Masching, Wien

Geburten von 1781 - 1854
Heiraten von 1783 - 1829
Sterbefälle von 1780 - 1854

Price: 20 € plus postage

For orders in North America:
email Karen Preston

For orders in Europe:
Josef Michels
Spittelbergstr. 11, 78112
St. Georgen, Germany
phone: +0049 7724 7122

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Kolut Heimatbuch

Kolut (Serbian Cyrillic: Колут) is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Sombor municipality, in the West Bačka District, Vojvodina province (the Batschka).

The book was originally published in 1980, but is now out-of-print. In February of 2010, Mr. Thomas Willand created a PDF file with an image copy of the book "Kolut Volume I" by Anton Reppmann.

The zipped PDF of the book is fully searchable. The file is very large - 108 megabytes. The full book can be downloaded here.

If you wish to read the book on-line, there is a web browser-friendly version here, with a link to the Family Names pages.

You can also download an e-pub version of the book (51 megabytes) here.

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