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Deutsch-Zerne im Banat

By Helga & Anton Hornung

Ulmbach CD

In December 2009, the two-volume "Deutsch-Zerne im Banat" Family Book appeared in the Banat of Helga and Anton Hornung. The book is now out of print, but fortunately over the past year, the remaining copies of church records have been obtained.

The authors have chosen to revise the initial work with new data and recent information from private family research. Hundreds of records have been added to the original D-Zerne im Banat Book.

The CD edition of the Deutsch-Zerne Family Book includes the following time periods:

  Births: 1808 to 09/01/1949 (alt: up to 19/12/1918)
  Marriages: 1808 to 05/07/1944
  Deaths: 1808 to 28.09.1951 (except 29.04.1880 to 08.10.1895)
  Lists of Confirmations for 1808, 1837, 1845, 1855 and 1864

The Family Book can be opened with a web browser to navigate through the contents.

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Price:  € 20

Philipp Lung, Schwarzaweg 18, D-78054 Villingen-Schwenningen
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North America:
Dave Dreyer, 808 N Claremont, San Mateo, California, 94401 USA, or
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