Josef Marx began to issue an annual magazine entitled Deutsch Ungarisch Familien Kalendar in 1932 as a method to keep German immigrants from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire in touch with one another in North America.

He used the designation Deutsch Ungarisch because that was the nomenclature used by his fellow countrymen who were unaware of the designation Danube Swabians. The publication would last until the early 1950's which closely paralleled Josef Marx’s death. In addition to the calendar itself he left behind his subscription lists with the names and address of his subscribers which also included information as to their home communities prior to their emigration.

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Village Name Spouse Spouse Village Residence Subscription Year
Aflenz Steiermark A Valentine Johann Mueller Barbara Warjasch Ambridge, PA 1934
Agram [Zagreb] Kroatien Bausch Theresia Ritt Joseph D St. Michael Chicago, IL 1940
Akron, OH Froelich Anton Siller Barbara Bogarosch Philadelphia, PA 1934, 1940
Akron, OH Gungl Maria Schaeffer Michael Semlak Akron, OH 1940
Albrechtsflor Alb Anna Ollinger J. J. Billed Cincinnati, OH 1952
Albrechtsflor Bauer Elisabetha Repholz Jakob Albrechtsflor Chicago, IL 1934, 1940, 1952
Albrechtsflor Bauer Magdalena Ibach Johann Kl Betschkerek Chicago, IL 1934
Albrechtsflor Berling Anna Shmidt Nikolaus Neuburg an der Bega Detroit, MI 1940
Albrechtsflor Bukacsics Helen Hisel Josef Albrechtsflor Windsor, Ont., Canada 1940
Albrechtsflor Eberle Nikolaus Weber Katharina Albrechtsflor Windsor, Ont., Canada 1940
Albrechtsflor Fassel Jakob Ibach Anna Kl Betschkerek Chicago, IL 1934, 1940, 1952
Albrechtsflor Fassel Josef Gruber Theresia Apfeldorf Chicago, IL 1940
Albrechtsflor Frank Jacob Krausz Katharina Giseladorf Elberta, AL 1952
Albrechtsflor Frank John Roth Elisabetha Sanad Elberta, AL 1952
Albrechtsflor Frank Veronika Roller Johann Prsljamica Kroatien Detroit, MI 1940, 1952
Albrechtsflor Frei Anna Chrestel Johann Siebenbuergen St. Louis, MO 1952
Albrechtsflor Hisel Josef Bukacsics Helen Albrechtsflor Windsor, Ont., Canada 1940
Albrechtsflor Huegel Christina Jakob Michael Soltur Chicago, IL 1940
Albrechtsflor Krachtus Klara Oppelz Anton Sarafol Detroit, MI 1940
Albrechtsflor Kron Jakob Jacobi Anna Freidorf Trenton, NJ 1940

 Data extracted by Karen Dalton Preston & David Dreyer