Josef Marx began to issue an annual magazine entitled Deutsch Ungarisch Familien Kalendar in 1932 as a method to keep German immigrants from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire in touch with one another in North America.

He used the designation Deutsch Ungarisch because that was the nomenclature used by his fellow countrymen who were unaware of the designation Danube Swabians. The publication would last until the early 1950's which closely paralleled Josef Marx’s death. In addition to the calendar itself he left behind his subscription lists with the names and address of his subscribers which also included information as to their home communities prior to their emigration.

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Village Name Spouse Spouse Village Residence Subscription Year
Alexanderhausen Laubert Elisabetha Gartner Mathias Kernei Batschka Chicago, IL 1952
Alexanderhausen Laup Susanna Burghardt Adam Perjamosch Philadelphia, PA 1940
Alexanderhausen Matye Eva Schmidt Josef Knes Elizabeth, NJ 1940
Alexanderhausen Matye Peter Huhn Susanna Philadelphia, PA New York City, NY 1934
Alexanderhausen Nelonvankovits Katharina Schuessler Franz Mastort Philadelphia, PA 1934, 1940, 1952
Alexanderhausen Packi Elisabetha Jobb Wendel Gr St. Peter Philadelphia, PA 1940, 1952
Alexanderhausen Packi Mathias Philadelphia, PA 1952
Alexanderhausen Pulter Elizabeth Dewald Joseph Gr Jetscha Philadelphia, PA 1952
Alexanderhausen Remmich Anna Blum Nikolaus Bogarosch Philadelphia, PA 1934
Alexanderhausen Remich Johann Lampl Marianna Alexanderhausen Roebling, NJ 1934, 1940
Alexanderhausen Remich Marianna wid wid geb Lampl Roebling, NJ 1952
Alexanderhausen Rosenzweig Anna Szekely George Nagyszekely Tolna 1940-Hatboro, PA; 1952-Haddon Heights, NJ 1940, 1952
Alexanderhausen Sauer Adam Sauer Katharina geb NN Alexanderhausen Rochester, NY 1940
Alexanderhausen Sauer Franz Wallner Elisabeth Hatzfeld Cincinnati, OH 1940
Alexanderhausen Sauer Katharina geb NN Sauer Adam Alexanderhausen Rochester, NY 1940
Alexanderhausen Sauer Katharina wid wid geb NN Rochester, NY 1940
Alexanderhausen Schmidt Elisabetha Billing Johann Josefowa Philadelphia, PA 1934, 1940
Alexanderhausen Schmidt Franz Philadelphia, PA 1934
Alexanderhausen Schmidt Franz Bettendorf Margaretha Georgshausen Philadelphia, PA 1934, 1940, 1952
Alexanderhausen Schmidt Johann Jakobi Susanna Bogarosch Philadelphia, PA 1940, 1952

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