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Family Book Kreuzstätten im Banat
Revised Edition 2

By Gerlinde Bohn


This new version (2nd issue family edition) includes 10 further years of research. Also included are old family photos, two maps from the planning phase of the village and the lists of those who were deported to Russia and those who took part in the war. Since the first edition in 2011, the family books Segenthau (Vol. II), Wiesenhaid, Orzydorf, Königshof, Neu-Arad have been published and many a gap has been closed.

The book is 1 volume of 732 pages (godparents were not included because this would have required a second volume). The book is divided into several sections.

The family section contains almost 2,150 families with approx. 11,500 individuals (displayed alphabetically and chronologically within the families) on 550 pages, who were born in Kreuzstätten between 1771 and 1991 or lived there.

A chapter of local and church history (approx. 100 pages) precedes the book. It shows the settlement of the Banat in general, the settlement of Kreuzstätten in particular, and the church with all the details on 40 pages with color photos. An extensive chapter is dedicated to the pastors (priests) of the community (short biography with photo), as well as the fallen, missing and all other victims of the two world wars and deportation to Russia. The title "Family Edition” was used because it included the photos of the author’s ancestors.

The book is available for €55 plus €6 shipping costs (D), €20 (USA). PayPal is accepted.

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Author: Gerlinde Bohn née Lenhard
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