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Mercydorf Familienbuch
Vol I 1735-1832/43

Review by Nicholas Horn

Foreword by the editor (Dr. Günter Junkers, of the working group
Danube Swabian Genealogists - AKdFF), preface by the author, Karl Benz, the Mercydorf Community, Bianca Berger, chairman of the HOG Mercydorf, map, map with street names, notes on use of the family book, list of abbreviations, sources and bibliography.

2 Card inserts, the 2,982 families of the parish in alphabetical order, index of married women in alphabetical order of names with further references to husbands and family numbers (29 pages), list of unknown names (NN) of the women with information on the husbands and family numbers (7 pages), locality index with the place names given in different languages (13 pages), list of other Danube Swabian Family history research books with ordering information and price.

The Mercydorf Family Book fills a gap in the Banat Family research. As a result of a solid piece of work it is recommended.

Please note: the author, Karl Benz is working on Part 2, which will be a continuation of this work.