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Familienbuch Sanktanna 2012

By Alf Kührt


Sanktanna Family Book in hard cover, 1,300 pages, size (A4) 21 x 30 cm (8.2 x 11.8 in) edition 2012 - #8. authored by Alf Kührt.

This genealogical family book contains 38,000 persons in 300 Surnames, including the original settlers and the villages from where they came (most Germany or Bohemia) and 700 emigrants to overseas.

Alf researched the Sanktanna Church books, beginning in the year 1750 among other sources for this book. Alf Kührt was born in Nuernberg. His wife comes from Sanktanna, Banat nee FUSS (Fuoss). Her ancestors came from Massenbachhausen.

You can purchase this book, edition 2012 - #8. for 110€ plus shipping costs from the author.

There are 2 additional research books available for the village of Sanktanna:

The "Heimatbuch Sanktanna" (first edition 2013) and the "Friedhofbuch Alt-Sanktanna" (Cemetery Book) can be purchased from the President of the Sanktanna HOG (Heimatortsgemeinschaft Sanktanna) Josef Lutz.

You can email Josef Lutz for ordering costs and shipping details.